Don't Believe In Ghosts

Advice on college or just life after high school in general?? haha I'm gonna be a senior in HS this coming year and Im sooo nervous about graduating and being on my own.. :/ lol

Don't Believe In Ghosts responded on 09/14/2011

hmmm, really just to take it all in, that part of your life (to sound like a cliche, i know) happens to fly by without giving you much time to absorb. Everything can and will change, and that can rattle anyones nerves, but you will come out alive and better for it. Most of all just enjoy the freedom, never turn down new experiences, try everything once, fail, fail, fail, and then get the fuck up and do it again (just try not to get arrested! and if you do take a good mugshot cause your friends will want copies)

- Dave

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