Don't Believe In Ghosts

Did you ever dance the "sexy and i know it" dance and felt like the king of the world while doing it? if not, you should.. and film it.

Don't Believe In Ghosts responded on 08/20/2012

When i was 14 a 16 year old counselor asked me to a camp dance. I told her i couldnt dance but would go. i was excited she asked me. She told me it didnt matter i couldnt dance, she'd teach me. I practiced, got up the nerve and went. A few songs in i finally started to get my confidence - got over being self conscious and let loose. Moments later she tapped me on the shoulder and told me i did'nt have to try any more and could sit down. I was devastated!

haha Having told that story i dont care anymore what anyone thinks and will dance in all my busted up glory whenever i want!

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